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Stainless Steel Kitchenware
Shine your kitchen with our Stainless Steel Kitchenware which are considered necessary for everyday cooking. They have great quality mirror like surface finishing, sturdy designs, smooth fine edges and are best known for their light weight.
Stainless Steel Tiffin Boxes
Now, you can eat hot and hygienic food by using our Stainless Steel Tiffin Boxes. They can be used by everyone such as students and employees for carrying their lunch. Besides, they keep the food fresh, come with air tight lids, are light in weight and are easy carry.
Storage Containers
Our alluring Storage Containers are highly used for safe storage of kitchen ingredients. They keep the ingredients fresh for long time, are easy to clean or wash. Also, they are provided with air tight lids for safe storage.
Stainless Steel Bowls
Use our Stainless Steel Bowls which are of two types snack Bowls and German Mixing Bowls. These are highly used in commercial and residential kitchens for mixing ingredients and serving snacks. They have smooth surface and attractive designs.
Stainless Steel Houseware
Make your dining table more stylish and attractive by using our Stainless Steel Housewares. They have alluring and shiny looks. Also, they are light in weight, unbreakable and scratch resistant.
Stainless Steel Hotelwares
We are one of the leading manufacturers and provide excellent quality of Stainless Steel Hotelwares. They are easy to wash and maintain, have high durability, light in weight with glossy designs.
SS Colanders
Wash and drain your vegetables, fruits allied products by using our SS Colanders. These are easy to clean, completely free from corrosion, have excellent durability. Also, have unique size and hole for proper draining of water.
Stainless Steel Barwares
Use our excellent and stylish Stainless Steel Barwares which are highly used in lounges, hotels and homes. They have smooth edges and sparkling finishing. They are high in demand and stringently tested on various standard quality parameters.
Insulated Homeware Products
Now, you can keep your food warm by using our Insulated Homeware Products. These are created with high quality heat insulation, come with air tight lids and highly safe for food. Plus, they do not impart any foul odor and taste.
Stainless Steel Dustbin
Keep your surrounds neat and clean with our Stainless Steel Dustbins which are used in homes, schools, offices and banks. They are protected from corrosion, prevent the odor to spread in the surroundings and have wide space for keeping wastes.
Stainless Steel Tableware
Design your dining tables by using our Stainless Steel Tablewares which are available in several designs and sizes. Design wise, they are slim & sleek. Also, have mirror like sparkling looks and are highly demanded for their durability.
Steel Casserole
Use our Steel Casserole which are unbreakable and glossy. They keep food warm for longer and preserves freshness. Plus, they are easy to carry and do not lose luster with everyday washing.

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